Electrical Repairs Sonoma CA

Electrical Repairs Sonoma CA

Electricity is one of those things people use every day without a second thought. We flip light switches and expect them to work. We plug in appliances and assume they will function precisely as planned. It's when something goes wrong that people take notice. If this sounds like you, and you need electrical repairs in Sonoma CA, get in touch with us right away.

The electricity we take for granted

Essential in every modern home, electricity illuminates spaces and makes things run. Without a well functioning electrical system, most people in Sonoma County would not be able to cook, bathe or clean up. Appliances such as heaters and stove rely on electricity, and families rely on appliances. Can you even imagine a day without access to your computer? It relies on electricity, too. If and when anything ever goes wrong with your North Bay power, call on Fatima Electric for electrical diagnosis and electrical repairs in Sonoma CA.

Home Electricity 101

Most people do not need to know how the electrical system in their home works. Many people, however, like to understand the world around them. In the interest of educated customers, we're pleased to present a very concise explanation of the power system in your house.

Unless you have 100 percent solar power, your electricity arrives at your house via a local electricity company. In Sonoma, this is PG&E. Power may be delivered by an underground conduit or through above-ground wires. A typical Sonoma house has what's called “three-wire service” which mean that the home receives power through two 'hot' wires and one neutral wire. That same three-wire combination is present throughout the structure. In most of the home, one hot wire plus the neutral wire are used to power conventional 120-volt lamps, computers and appliances. Both hot wires plus the neutral wire are used to heat your 220-volt stove, air conditioner or electric furnace.

The power company monitors your electricity usage by way of a meter. Generally, this utility company-owned meter sits at the place where power enters your house. Typically, the electric meter sits adjacent to or right above the main panel. Here one finds the central distribution point that connects an electrical circuit to every outlet in your house.

An electrical circuit is a circular path of electrical power. It starts and ends in the same place. Current starts at a power source run an appliance along the way, then returns to the same place at which it began. If anything disrupts this circuit, power will fail, and appliances will not function.

Many homes in Sonoma -especially homes built within the past 30 years or so- have low-voltage systems that power things like doorbells, sprinkler timers, and outdoor night lights. If and when anything ever goes wrong with any of your electrical systems, contact Fatima Electric without hesitation. Yes, we provide emergency troubleshooting services, any time you need them In Sonoma, you can call (707) 775-7138 any time, day or night. We even handle electrical repairs in Sonoma CA on weekends.

Electrical Repairs Sonoma CA
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Electrical Repairs Sonoma CA