Electrician Pacifica CA

Electrician Pacifica CA

As a house owner or office owner, having your electrical appliances, electrical connections, installations and wiring well installed and correctly done is a top priority. It is an important step and goes a long way toward determining how enjoyable your stay in your abode will be. It will be a very bad experience if you have to keep calling electricians to fix or repair your electrical works due to bad installation or low quality of services. It is best to hand over your electrical works to tested and trusted electricians so that you avoid unsavory situations in the future.  

Fatima Electric is the perfect electrician for your electrical needs. It is our belief at Fatima Electric that your electrical works should be done perfectly right the very first time. Hence, there will be no need for any recall or re-installation, saving you future costs on your electrical works. Thus, if you are in need of an electrician in Pacifica, California, and environs, do well to contact Fatima Electric.

Fatima Electric offers standard and quality electrical services in Pacifica, California. We have a wealth of experienced electricians and have over 35 years of knowledge, making us the “Go to Guy” when it comes to quality electrical services in California.

Our Services include:

Electrical Panels Servicing

Our electricians in Pacifica are very experienced in the servicing of electrical panels. They deliver expert professional services in the servicing of electrical panels and are dispatched daily to troubleshoot, inspect, repair and upgrade commercial and residential panels. Fatima Electric also does free electrical panel inspections. We are here to serve you better.

Residential Electrical Services

Fatima Electric has a team abundant with certified full-service residential electricians in Pacifica, California. These residential electricians are very well versed in modern practices and work well to make the clients happy and satisfied with service delivery, which is a key quality that is entrenched in all Fatima Electric Staff. Our residential electrical services offer electrical upgrades and repairs and also engages in the installation of innovative electrical equipment that makes it easier and possible to run your home or office all with a phone application.

Commercial Electrician Services

Our team of electricians in Pacifica are very well tested and trusted for the troubleshooting, repair, and upgrade of commercial electrical panels. Fatima Electric always has the best interest of its clients at heart.

We don’t just stop at giving you the best quality of service; we also give you the best value for your money by giving discounts on the services we offer. We have a range of coupons that reduce the costs and also offer discounts on rendered services. All you have to do is give us a call to claim the offers available.

Our professional and expert electricians in Pacifica fix electrical issues such as:

 Electrical Panel Upgrades

 Kitchen and Bath Electrical Wiring

 House Rewire

 Replacement of Unsafe Federal Pacific and Zinsco Electrical Panels

 Grounded Installation of New Circuitry

 Removal/Replacement of Old Knob and Tube Wiring

A perfect and well-done job is what we at Fatima Electric always aim at. By choosing us to handle your electrical issues, you are saying no to future fixes and repairs due to poorly done jobs. We believe that the job should be done perfectly the very first time and we strive very hard to achieve that. We have a vast of friendly, professional, prompt and customer-oriented staff who ensure that you are always satisfied with the job done.

If you need an electrical expert in Pacifica, California, you now know who to call. Let Fatima Electric handle it for you, and you will have nothing to worry about ever again.

Electrician Pacifica CA
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Electrician Pacifica CA