Electrical Troubleshooting Berkeley CA

Electrical Troubleshooting Berkeley CA

Electrical Troubleshooting in Berkeley: When to Call a Professional Electrician

If something's gone weird with the electricity in your home or office, and you are not a trained electrician, please don't try to do your own electrical troubleshooting in Berkeley or anywhere. Electrocution is a real concern for anyone who works with electricity. Without proper knowledge and the right tools, electrical troubleshooting in Berkeley can be downright dangerous. Even someone who has plenty of DIY skills should resist the urge to save a few bucks by doing their own electrical work, cautions WorkSafe magazine.

Before you call an East Bay electrician

If you are not familiar with the location of your electrical breaker box, please find out where it is, and be sure to stash a flashlight close by. In the event your lights should go out, or if one outlet in your home or office fails to function, you should be able to safely see if the problem is related to a blown fuse or tripped circuit breaker.

Reasons to call a pro

Once we do your electrical troubleshooting in Berkeley, we can solve your problem without delay. As with any repair, proper diagnosis is imperative to a successful fix. Some reasons to call a professional electrician include:

*Light bulbs burn out frequently

Causes of frequent bulb burnout include twisting bulbs in too tightly and using the wrong bulb for a particular lighting fixture. A bad main neutral connection can make a bulb go prematurely kaput. The next time you change a burned-out bulb, try twisting the new bulb into the socket just to the point of electrical contact, and see if that doesn't solve your wasted bulb problem.

*Suddenly sky-high utility bills

If your electric bills are going up higher and faster than you expected, it may be time to have your whole house electrical system assessed. If it is determined that upgrades are warranted, Fatima Electric can replace your outmoded wiring and outlets and install energy efficient options.

*Circuit breaker will not reset

If the breakers in your box trip again and again, there may be a problem that is best addressed by a professional electrical troubleshooter in the East Bay. Simultaneous use of a hairdryer and a microwave oven should not result in a blown fuse or tripped breaker. If your older Berkeley or Oakland home has inadequate wiring, call on Fatima Electric to add additional circuits to your power system.

*Lights intermittently dim

The cause of this irritation could be coming from the main power company, or it might be something going wrong within your electrical panel. In either case, we can send someone today to do your electrical troubleshooting in Berkeley.

EV charging stations

When you call for electrical troubleshooting in Berkeley, be sure to ask us about electric car charging stations. We've installed a number of these at-home stations for LEAF and Tesla electric cars right here in Berkeley. Ready to know more? Give Fatima Electric a call at (707)775-7138 right now.





Electrical Troubleshooting Berkeley CA
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Electrical Troubleshooting Berkeley CA